Tech – Cath Lab/EP

iDEAL Hire

Cath Lab Tech Needed for MUSC. Start date will be 2-3 weeks from offer Shift: 4×10 days, 730a-6p Number of Cath lab Rooms: 5 plus Hybrid OR Types of Cases Preferred: Right and Left Heart Cath Diagnostic, PCI, Complex PCI, CTO, ASA, PFO/ASD, MitralClip, Watchman, PTMV, TAVR, Peripheral, Vascular Years of experience REQ: 2 First-timers accepted: yes National Certs REQ: ACLS, BLS, CCI with RCIS/RCES (preferred), but ARRT with CVT is also acceptable, **radiation badge must be provided by agency** Licensure required: SCRQSA by start of contract Is on-call REQ? What is the req? yes, call 1-2 nights/week, one weekend in a six week period, holiday call possible Open to accommodating block schedule? per manager’s discretion Locals accepted: What is the local radius rule? Yes, 50 miles RTO Restrictions: All RTO must be included at time of submission. Approval will be based on facility’s needs Travelers should be aware that during hurricane season, all employees and contractors may be assigned to emergency response teams. If this is a problem, please ensure travelers do not confirm a new or ext assignment during the season. Hurricane season runs from June through November each year. The peak months for hurricane activity are August and September. BF GM