Tech – CT

iDEAL Hire

40hrs/week, Th/F/Sat/Sun graveyard 1. General job duties. Types of procedures required. The CT technologist will be responsible for all the types of exams that would be performed in a trauma center – heads, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spines, angio, procedures, etc… 2. Equipment utilized in the unit/dept. (Is there computerized charting, medication systems, etc. GE Lightspeed VCT, GE Discover 750 HD, EPIC, Fuji PACS, Vrad 3. Required skills and minimum years of experience. The CT technologist must be able to work alone. Must be able to start IV’s. 4. Specific licensures and certifications/registrations required. (ARRT, CRT, BLS, ACLS, etc) ARRT (R)(CT) 5. Shift or schedule requirements. (Will the employee ever work alone? Is call required? If so, how often? Are weekends required?) The CT technologist will mostly work 3rd shift weekends. NO call. 6. Floating to other units/departments. (If so, to which units/departments?) The CT technologist will only work in CT. 7. Bed size/number of rooms/daily specimen/procedure count for this unit/dept. 380 bed hospital with a very busy ER. 8. Nurse to patient ratio of this unit. (nursing only) 9. Dress Code: The CT technologist may wear hospital scrubs or their own scrubs. 10. Tell us about the unit/department specific training and orientation program. Minimal orientation and training – 2 days.

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