Tech – CVOR

iDEAL Hire

Need to have experience w/ Open heart ( CABG), LVADS, Aortic & Mitral Valve replacement procedures, ECMO , Aortic Dissections and Elephant truck procedures Unit Information:   Scrub Tech – CVOR (703) Facility:   HCA FLORIDA JFK MC HOSPITAL Address:   5301 Congress Ave Atlantis Fl Floor: 2 nd fl Building: Cost Center:   703 General Information Tell us about the unit(s): ·        Number of Beds: 2 Open heart rooms & 1 Hybrid Room ·        Number of Staff: 1 Charge RN,     5 RN,   2 Scrub tech ·        Type of Staff:   o    Day Shift:   all day shift + On Call evenings, weekends & holidays.    Shift Starts at 6am to 4:30pm o    Night Shift:   On call only. ·        Patient Ratios – 1:1 ·        Type of Equipment: ·        Documentation System: Meditech ·        Call Requirements: Evenings, weekends & holidays Typical Hiring Profile   Must have : (includes certifications and special skills, ex: ACLS, BLS, NIH ) ·        BLS ·            List Typical Procedures Performed on Unit(s):   ·        CBG, AVR, MVR, LVAD, ECMO, Dissections, Elephant Trunk Procedure & repair, TAVRS, Mitral Valve clips, AAA Additional Preferences: (ex: previous travel experience preferred, easily adaptable to fast paced unit, can function well independently) ·        Previous Travel experience on heart teams that did similar cases.   Must live within 30 minutes of the hospital for Call response time   ·          Dress Code : ·        Scrub Color – Hospital issued scrub Awards/Recognition:   Feel free to include items such as links to videos that feature the department, outstanding department/team awards, etc.   ·           ·

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