Therapist – Respiratory Therapist

iDEAL Hire

Position / Specialty: Respiratory Care Years of experience REQ: 2 First-timers accepted: (Y/N) Y Weekend REQ: Every other Certs REQ: BCLS, RRT Is on-call REQ? (Y/N) N Will clinician float within scope to meet facility needs? N Locals accepted: (Y/N) Y Pending License accepted: (Y/N) Y RTO Restrictions: 2 requests Guaranteed Hours: 36 Special Requirements: required to have NICU and/or PICU experience. Skills required: ED, level 1 trauma facility, NICU, pediatric critical care, pediatrics Hospital Highlights Type of Facility: Children’s Acute Care Hospital Teaching Hospital Total Staffed Beds: 400 Scrub Color: Any or St. Louis Children’s Hospital T-shirts/jackets Charting: EPIC Parking Cost: DAILY GARAGE RATES 0-1 hour: $2.00 1-2 hours: $3.00 2-3 hours: $5.00 3-4 hours: $6.00 4-5 hours: $7.00 5-6 hours: $8.00 6-24 hours: $15.00

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