Tech – MRI

iDEAL Hire

3x12s, Days, 7a-730p SATURDAY – MONDAY *Backup 3rd shift call 2 YEARS EXP REQUIRED, FIRST TIME TRAVELERS — OK! *Must be registered in MRI with ARRT or ARMRIT *GE & Siemens exp REQUIRED *EPIC required *Must have experience wtih anesthesia, pedatric sedations, ventilator/ICU patients, general pediatric experience with non-sedated patients, and scanning of conditional devices using SAR and/or B1+RMS guidance being able to manipulate parameters to meet conditions for scanning. *L2 Trauma, Pacemakers/ICD, Conditional Implants We are a 3 MRI scanner department with a GE Architect 3T, GE Artist 1.5T, and Siemens Sola 1.5T. All scanners are wide bore scanners. We do all age groups and candidates must have experience with at least infants to geriatrics. We do conditional implants daily including MR conditional pacemakers/ICDs, stimulators, etc. Candidates must have experience with doing these types of exams and being able to follow conditions for scanning. We operate all 3 scanners from 8a-8p or 9p Monday-Friday. We operate 2 scanners on weekends from 9a-9p. We are a 24/7 department. Our shifts vary from 12-hour, 10-hour, and 8 hours. Schedules are typcially weekday and weekends. Holdiay rotation is required. Back up call on 3rd shift is required. When on call, would be back up if there is a call out then they would be called in to cover the shift. Back up in case volumes reach point assistance is needed (which is rare). We do a variety of exams on all patient types. We are a acute care facility and need someone with experience in similar facilities in size and function.

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