Therapist – Speech Language Pathologist

iDEAL Hire

Hospital:  JFK Main Location: Address:  5301 South Congress Ave, Atlantis Fl 33462 Unit Name: IP Rehab Unit Building: Cost Center:  75913 General Information Unit Specifics: ·       Number of Beds :  acute care and IP Rehab unit ·       Patient Ratios :  ·       Unit staffing description- (unit secretaries and tech availability) :n/a ·       Type of equipment :  ·       Documentation system:  Meditech ·       Scheduling requirements:  8 hr shifts, ·       Floating policy:  will be trained in both acute care and IP Rehab ·       Patient Experience requirements:  Beneficial if candidate has worked in ICUs and with medically complex inpatients Hospital Specifics- ·       Certifications:  Fl license Hiring profile Requested Skill Set:    Must have : 6 months of prior acute care, snf, or inpatient rehab experience, MBS competent; NO CFY     Advanced skills needed: n/a     Procedures performed on unit:       Certifications Required:      Dress Code : (Required uniform)- Grey scrubs is Therapy uniform and color ·         Unit Guidelines/Policies : Please attach unit specific policies and guidelines. ·         Awards/Recognition:   Please include anything that you would like prospective candidates to be aware of, such as, links to videos that feature the department, outstanding department/team awards..  ·         Any additional information that would entice a worker to select your unit for their assignment:  Consider items such as new equipment or technology, tenure and experience of staff, schedule options, etc. ·       Position may be either in IP Rehab unit or acute care hospital