Tech – X-ray/Rad Tech

iDEAL Hire

Shift/hours- Friday, Saturday, Sunday 830a-10p; open to 4×10 Fri-Mon – please discuss during interview! 1 holiday shift (Memorial Day/weekend)
Call hours (estimate by week)- 2- 8-hour shifts per month. 1 – 12-hour weekend shift per month
Modality- General X-ray
System Type- Shimadzu Rad-Speed, Shimadzu Mobile Art MX8, AGFA DXD 100, Orthoscan mini-C-arm
Procedures/Scans- All ED general X-Ray exams including reductions/traumas, pediatric exams, and portable X-rays in the units and on the floors.
Credentialing/Licensure needed- ARRT/Ohio State License/CPR
Scrub Color- Navy