23/24 – SLP (Elementary/Middle)

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SCHOOL POSITION NEED FOR Speech Language Pathologist

  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Start Date: 23/24 School Year – Full Year  
  • Pay: $50-52
  • Our Musts: Hold FLORIDA SLP licensure.  9+ months of supervised experience required.  Certificate of Clinical Competence preferred. 

3 SLPS needed for this school district please refer your friends!!

We have an immediate opening for the following position: Speech Language Pathologist!


Do you believe in the motto?: “Students Come First”


We’re looking for a person who is compassionate and wanting to make a difference in children’s lives. At iDeal, we’re committed to bringing the best people to provide exceptional care to our school district partners.


This position is responsible for: 

  • With guidance and support from the Exceptional Children’s Services Coordinator:
    Observes, screens, provides comprehensive evaluations, develops therapy plans, and provides documentation for students referred for speech-language services

  • Serves as case manager for all students referred for and found to be eligible for special education only in the area of speech/language impaired.
  • Conducts a comprehensive evaluation and document findings in report form; develops and maintains Individualized Education Program (IEP); schedules and presides over all IEP meetings for which responsible/case manager.
  • Submits and uploads all required due process paperwork to the District Office Due Process Records;
  • Administer screen evaluate and diagnose specific speech or language deficits in referred students.
  • Prepare and submit accurate and appropriate evaluations, screenings, and reports within timeline restrictions.
  • Design appropriate goals and objectives for educationally based speech language therapy sessions in deficit areas for speech impaired students.
  • Ensuring that all students who have fluency, speech production, language, cognition, voice, resonance, and auditory habilitation/rehabilitation disorders are provided appropriate speech-language services or related services.
  • Conducting thorough, appropriate, and balanced assessments using a comprehensive assessment plan.
  • Evaluating and summarizing all relevant results. Is an active member of the IEP Team and contributes to the process of determining eligibility for Special Services.
  • Making appropriate recommendations regarding student needs and requirements for medically and/or educationally relevant therapy services.
  • Providing high-quality speech and language services for students of all grade levels.
  • Collaborate with teachers and participate in student support and/or individual education plan meetings.
  • Provide speech and language tiered interventions.
  • Complete necessary paperwork for Medicaid billing
  • Provide services for eligible private school, homeschooled, and preschool students
  • Complete the additional paperwork associated with private/homeschooled and preschool students (Time and effort reports, parent travel reports, preschool outcome forms)


  • Hold a current FLORIDA license for a Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Have 9+ months of supervised speech language experience, preferably with school-aged children.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current best practices in the area of speech-language pathology.

Oh! Did we mention shorter work days and summers off??

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