Therapist – Respiratory Therapist

iDEAL Hire

Must start week of 8/13 *Must have Level 1 within the past year and travel experience* MUST HAVE OH LICENSE IN HAND Certs Required: ACLS BLS *In Hand* 2 yrs of Adult RRT exp required *must be recent within the last 6 months* A candidate should only be submitted to maximum of one job at a time within all of UH. Former perm employees must wait until after 6 months to be sent in for a position Former travel can come back at any time Essentials duties include: – Mechanical ventilation – Medicated aerosol delivery – Airway clearance therapy – Patient monitoring – Oxygen and humidity therapy Special procedures (CPR, specialty gases, bronchoscopy, transport, etc) No block scheduling requests, unless for Weekends Only (that will be considered, but not necessarily approved) MILEAGE REQUIREMENT: Candidate must be at least 60 miles from ANY UH facility to qualify for Travel Rate. Candidates within 60 miles will qualify for Local Rate ($90). RTO is due at submittal – any extra RTO after offer will be discussed with floor manager upon starting. Fit Test completed on-site. Gentlemen must be clean shaven. Per UH policy, candidates cannot request off more than 8 days, with no more than 5 consecutively requested off. Any RTO exceeding this requirement will immediately be removed Black Scrubs

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