23/24 – SPED

iDEAL Hire


Location: Crandall, Texas
Start Date:23/24 SY
Our Musts: Bachelor’s degree from accredited university. Valid Texas teaching certificate with required special education endorsements for assignments.
We have an immediate opening for the following position: SPED TEACHER

Do you believe in the motto? “Students Come First”


We’re looking for a person who is compassionate and wanting to make a difference in children’s lives. At iDeal, we’re committed to bringing the best people to provide exceptional care to our school district partners.


This position is responsible for:

1. Develop and implement lesson plans for in-person, distance, and virtual learning that fulfill the requirements of district’s curriculum program and show written evidence of preparation as needed and required. Prepare lessons that reflect accommodations for differences in individual student differences.
2. Collaborate with students, parents, and other members of staff to develop IEP through the ARD Committee process for each student assigned.
3. Implement an instructional, therapeutic, or skill development program for assigned students and show written evidence of preparation as required.  
4. Conduct assessment of student learning styles. Plan and use appropriate instructional and learning strategies, activities, materials, and equipment that reflect understanding of the needs of students assigned.
5. Present subject matter effectively and according to guidelines established by IEP. Employ a variety of instructional techniques and media including technology to meet the needs and capabilities of each student assigned.
6. Work cooperatively with classroom teachers to modify regular curricula as needed and assist special education and/or at-risk students in regular classes with assignments.
7. Participate in ARD Committee meetings on a regular basis.
8. Participate in selection of books, equipment, and other instructional media. 
9. Conduct ongoing assessments of student achievement through formal and informal testing.
10. Assume responsibility for extracurricular activities as assigned. Sponsor outside activities approved by campus principal.
11. Consult district and outside resource people regarding education, social, medical, and personal needs of students. 
12. Create classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students.
13. Manage student behavior and administer discipline including intervening in crisis situations and physically restraining students as necessary according to IEP.
14. Consult with classroom teachers regarding management of student behavior according to IEP.
15. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities. 
16. Be available by phone, email, or video conferencing to confer with district personnel, students, and/or parents.
17. Communicate with students or parents on a regular basis via phone or video conference, email, or district approved website.
18. Establish and maintain a professional relationship and open communication with parents, students, colleagues, and community members.
19. Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.
20. Keep informed of and comply with federal, state, district, and school regulations and policies for special education teachers.
21. Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents required.
22. Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required.
23. Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures. 


Knowledge of special needs of students in assigned area. Knowledge of Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee process and Individual Education Plan (IEP) goal setting process and implementation. Knowledge of how to adapt curriculum and instruction for special needs. Effective communication skills. Student teaching or approved internship or related work experience.

Oh!  Did we mention shorter work days and summers off??

Interested and want to learn more? Apply below.


“Connecting people and creating a path to thrive together” IS AT THE HEART OF ALL WE DO.


Our passionate and dedicated team will help you navigate through your career journey starting from Day 1. We’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on what you do best.


We’re thrilled you are thinking about embarking on the iDEAL Path.


Exciting new adventure awaits!

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