First Time Travelers

First Time

Considering a career as a healthcare traveler?

iDEAL Travel Staffing is here to help you as you prepare to embark on your new adventure.


The facility sets the rule on how many years of experience they require.

A medical setting traditionally posts jobs with a start date that begins 2-4 weeks out.  There are some jobs that have a further out start date and some have an ASAP starts.  Your recruiter will have this very important information available and will discuss this with you.

Getting a license outside of your home state is fairly simple.  The first rule of thumb is to contact the state board of the state you wish to acquire a license and they will have the most up to date requirements to attain licensure.  If your discipline and home state participates with compact licensure (RN’s and PT’s) please check compact license requirements to get your license faster.

You are in charge of where you want to go.  There are a few factors to consider when looking in to travel.  Flexibility on where you want to go will ensure that you will always have job options.  Although we may not be able to create a position for you in your dream location, we will work to get you as close to where you want to be.  You may discover the adventure in travel is discovering a new opportunity to enhance your clinical skills in a place you wouldn’t expect.

First, congratulations on your new assignment.  At iDeal, we pride ourselves on having a specialized travel experience that meets your needs.  You may be walking in to the first day of work on your own but you are never alone during your assignment.  Your recruiter is your first point of contact for everything, and will check in with you. Fast simple answers are what you need and deserve in a travel company and that is what you will get at iDeal Travel.

This is the #1 question a clinician asks when considering a travel career.  There are a wide variety of housing options that we have learned from you, the traveler.  We want you to feel comfortable and safe in your housing while on assignment and only need to pack a few things as you prepare for your assignment.  Many clinicians have found success through home sharing sights, renting rooms, hotels, evening RV’ing their way on their travel adventure. There are travel groups on social media that even share tips on housing in specific areas.  When searching for your next assignment, check out your housing options at the exact same time.

Yes! At the very beginning of the process your recruiter will ask you if you need any days off during the assignment.  It is a professional courtesy on your end to the facility to share that information with the prospective facility to ensure there is coverage the day or days you are absent. It is not to discourage you from taking time off, it is to ensure that everyone knows what is happening and you can have a successful assignment.

Most travel contracts are 13 weeks in length.  If there is still a need after the 13 weeks and the facility would like to have you stay on, you can extend another 13 weeks or any duration of time that is agreed upon between you and the facility.  You can extend in one facility up to 12 months before moving on.