10 Reasons Companies Dislike Staffing Agencies

10 Reasons Companies Dislike Staffing Agencies and we Couldn’t Agree More


Morgan Henry

We often hear many negative opinions about staffing companies.

Our talent recruiters speak with candidates that have little interest in working with a staffing agency because of a bad experience they’ve had within the industry.

Our sales representatives are frequently frowned upon in the sales field once they say the words ‘staffing company’.

Why has the staffing industry developed such a bad reputation in the eyes of candidate’s and client’s?

Here are 10 reasons companies say they dislike staffing agencies and we couldn’t agree more.

1) Staffing agencies that ignore the companies HR team and fill a job directly with the hiring manager. 

2) Staffing agencies that promise they are interviewing and screening candidates but are actually only spending 5 minutes on the phone with a potential hire. 

3) “Spaghetti Recruiting” – That is sending 10 resumes without properly interviewing them and hoping one sticks.

4) Lack of communication and transparency. If you have to beg your recruitment company to get back to you there is a serious problem.  

5) Frequent turnover within the staffing agency making it difficult to establish a relationship with your business developer and recruitment team. 

6) Agencies that hold hybrid roles for recruiters and business developers. This strategy makes it impossible for the company to meet your needs as staff is spread too thin.  

7) Recruiting agencies that do not run proper background checks.

8) Recruiting agencies that make it clear you are just “another number” and are only interested in the bottom line. 

9) Recruitment agencies that claim to be a specialist in every position and industry.  (If you’re an expert in everything, then you are an expert in nothing)

10)No real talent is being selected and unqualified individuals are being sent to interview. 

Our mission at iDEAL is “Connecting people and creating a path to thrive together.” 

We believe in the importance of community and strive to provide top grade service.

We maintain honest and transparent communication with everyone we serve and strive to provide our iDEAL community with the support needed to help companies and job seekers achieve their goals. 

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