2019 Graduates Tips on how to Get Hired

2019 Graduates, Tips on how to Get Hired!


Morgan Henry

A shout out and congratulations is in order for the recent graduates! You should be happy to know that you are entering a workforce that is booming!

With unemployment rates lower than they have been in over 50 years graduates are entering the workforce with the expectation of diving right into their choice of employment.

However, a degree in 2019 does not equal instant employment. In fact most employers are looking for highly motivated individuals that have some level of experience. Therefore graduating with a degree will not suffice if you are looking to obtain employment upon graduation.

Fret not graduating class of 2019, hope is not lost. In fact you can very well have your choice of jobs if you follow a few simple tips on how to increase your desirability to employers.

  1. Invest time increasing your level of expertise. Internships, part time work, volunteer, become an entrepreneur. Do whatever it takes to add a little experience to your resume in the field you are trying to enter.
  2. Complete a certification or additional license program to add some extra credentials after your name. A bachelors looks a whole lot better if you have a license in a specialty program along with it.
  3. Take the time to network! Update your profile in networks like LinkedIn and attend local networking events to meet people in the arena you are looking to dive into!

We are excited to see what the future holds for those entering the workforce in 2019! Remember to continue your professional development beyond graduation and your success is limitless!

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