3 reasons your best employees may be leaving

3 reasons your best employees may be leaving


Morgan Henry

You found the golden egg.

The employee that is your perfect company match.

They start work and you think – “this is to good to be true”.

But it’s not, and you let yourself get excited about what is to come with this new staff member.  

And then you get the email.

“Please accept my resignation, I have been offered another opportunity that I can not pass up.”

They resign just a short 6 -12 months after joining your company.

What? Why, I don’t get it? Can you tell us what is fueling this decision?


Turnover is expensive, frustrating, time consuming, and draining. When that turnover is of your most promising employee, that blow is even harder. It’s happened to the best of companies.  But the ones avoiding ongoing turnover are those committed to making changes to their company culture.

Here are 3 reasons your best employees may be saying goodbye.

  • Lack of work/life balance: Nothing burns out a good employee like being overworking them. When a person is always “on” it increases the likelihood of crashing.
  • Feeling Undervalued: Don’t underestimate the power of a pat on the back. Recognizing individual accomplishments shows you’re paying attention and reinforces the behaviors you want to continue.
  • Loss of confidence in Leaders: A large percentage of people who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their boss. Bosses who provide empathy and celebrate success will retain more employees.

Increase retention with these 5 P’s:

  • Provide new growth opportunities.
  • Pay employees what they’re worth.
  • Prioritize health and well-being.
  • Put yourself in your employees shoes.
  • Praise employees regularly for great work.

Be the type of leader that motivates and supports employees and your staff is more likely to stick around!

We leave you with this quote:

“People leave Managers, not Companies”. – Marcus Buckingham

Sources: Huhman, Heather. “How to Prevent Your Employees from Leaving: The 5 Ps.” Jobvite, 12 July 2018, www.jobvite.com/hr/how-to-prevent-your-employees-from-leaving-the-5-ps/.

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