3 Signs its Time for a New Job

3 Signs its Time for a New Job


Morgan Henry

Most of us have been confronted with restlessness at work at one point or another.

But how do you decipher between possible boredom and knowing when it’s time to move on to a new job?

Here are three signs that may indicate it might be time to make a permanent change to your work environment. 

1. If the Monday morning blues are severe and occur every week.

When you are filled with anxiety on Sunday because Monday is rapidly approaching this is a tale tell sign that you are unhappy in your current work situation.  If this is occurring regularly troubleshoot and make sure it is not other life events giving you the blues. 

If after a bit of troubleshooting your motivation does not improve thats a green light to start looking into making changes.   

2. If you are not passionate about the company mission and feel your job holds no value. 

Sometimes we land the “dream job” only to realize we didn’t really know what the company was all about. Having flexible work hours, free lunch and excellent benefits is great but this does not equate to passion and inspiration. Passion for perks is always short lived. 

If you have attempted to understand your company better and explored the possibilities of taking on a new position within the company but there is still a lack of lust – That is a sign that it’s time to swipe left and move on to your next adventure. 

3. If you are calling out sick and taking days off every week. 

Once you have reached this point making a change is NECESSARY. Behaviors like no showing and high frequency calling out can damage your professional reputation. 

If you find yourself in one of these positions don’t panic. 

Be mindful of your current life situations and take time to make an informed decision.

Avoid being impulsive and consider seeking help from the Recruitment pros before you make your move to make sure your next position is your perfect match!

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