3 Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

3 Tips to Improve Workplace Communication


Morgan Henry

We’ve all heard that communication is the key to a successful relationship.

So it should be no surprise that communication is the key to a high functioning team in the workplace.

When communication is strong it allows for the entire team (including leaders) to feel heard and understood. This results in an ideal work environment, and highly productive workplace.

Ineffective communication is the downfall of a team and breeds ineffective teams. Leaders along with employees feel frustrated, misunderstood, which leads to a decline in morale.

Improving communication may seem like an impossible task when your team is struggling with communication. But it can be done, here are three tips to help strengthen your team communication:

1. Practice reflective listening. Don’t just tell, and demand. Make sure you are listening and understanding what staff is hearing from you. Allowing for staff to interject will allow for your staff members to feel that they play an active role in the conversation. Being heard and feeling like they are a part of the plan increases ownership of he task at hand.

2. Be aware of how you are communicating with staff. Remember that non-verbal communication can often convey more than verbal communication. Make sure your body language and tonality is being conveyed in a way that is best suited to execute the message you are relaying to staff.  Make eye contact, smile when it’s appropriate and nod your head affirmatively while listening.

3. Be an inspirational leader! Inspired staff is vital to your business success. If you believe in your message and your communication reflects that level of inspiration your team will follow!  

The effects of improved communication may or may not appear overnight. Stick with it for the long haul, and eventually your business will reap the rewards of better communication in the workplace.

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