3 Tips to Minimize Office Stress During the Holidays

3 Tips to Minimize Office Stress During the Holidays


Morgan Henry

The Holiday season while at times Jolly can also be “the most Stressful time of the year” 

Pair Holiday stress with the day to day office stress, it’s a wonder how anyone survives.

But fret not iDEAL community we have a few tips to help make the 2019 Holiday Season, Merry and Bright!

1. Less is more – there is beauty in simplifying!

We often put too much on our plate and set unmanageable expectations for what we want to accomplish before the end of the year. 

Be realistic!

With only a few weeks left in the year do your best to meet the goals you can and be flexible with the expectations you set for yourself.  

Take a step back, assess your priorities, and simplify where you can.

2. Master the to-do list early

Procrastination is never your friend.

Organize yourself and create a list of all that you need to accomplish every week to help minimize stress. 

Avoid overbooking  yourself and setting too many plans as this will certainly stretch you thin. 

Trust us, there is truly such a thing as attending TOO MANY HOLIDAY PARTIES! 

3. Schedule Time Off if needed!

Don’t be afraid to take time off if you need it. 

If you find yourself stretched too thin talk to your supervisor and discuss the possibility of taking a few days (or maybe even just a few hours) off before the New Year.   

You are more likely to come back to work more productive and in better spirits if you take time to accomplish a little more at home to do list. 

As the new year approaches we hope you will spend some time in reflection to Identify those things that you are passionate about, and make you happy. 

We hope you choose yourself this Holiday Season and that New year brings you much success! 

We truly hope you have a Happy Holiday!

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