3 Tips to Stay Connected With Your Job Candidates


Morgan Henry

Forming a connection between your job candidates and company is crucial.  

We all want to recruit quality candidates faster and effectively but we often drop the ball on maintaining engagement.  

So, how can you prioritize your engagement while continuing to grow your talent pool?

Here a 3 tips that may help.

1.Treat candidates as individuals.

We are all individuals and no one wants to be treated as just another phone call, or just another worker. 

Humanize your talent recruitment and form a connection.  

In turn you are likely to see that bond lead to candidates remaining with your company for a long period of time and referring their friends and family to you as well.

Think like the candidate. What are they looking for from you? 

Once you do that you can tailor your recruitment approach for each individual candidate.

Another essential is to ask for feedback! 

Learning how your candidates feel about their process and about your business is incredibly important.

These insights will help you determine what is working best for you.

2. Keep your communication open and HONEST.

It’s okay to not have all the answers at the moment, but be sure to be forthcoming and then promptly follow up.  

Provide the candidate as much information as you can about the business and  the specific job opportunities.

As the process moves on, encourage your candidate to do their own research on the company they may be interviewing with and bring up any questions or concerns they may have.

You want to ensure a positive candidate experience, so be sure to keep communication open.  

Encourage the candidate to engage in a manner that works best and is most comfortable for them; email, phone calls or texting.

3. Keep your communication going.

Unfortunately a great candidate doesn’t always find a perfect fit immediately.  

Be sure to update the candidate and let them know the search will be ongoing.  

Sometimes candidates with the right skill and experience won’t completely fit a certain role, but another opportunity is waiting for them that WILL fit them!  

Don’t lose contact with them.

Establish that relationship and remain consistent so you will foster long lasting partnerships.

The staffing industry is full of rival businesses and opportunities, so show why the candidate should trust you and want to stay. 

Building those relationships is mutually beneficial and shows the integrity you have, as well as your company.

At iDEAL our core values drive us and we want to be sure every team member lives and portrays our values. 

Connecting people and creating a path to thrive together is truly at the heart of what we do!

Written By: Morgan Henry


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