4 Tips to Reduce Distractions While Working From Home

4 Tips to Reduce Distractions While Working From Home


Morgan Henry

The ability to work remotely has a long list of pros and cons.  

Many employees are able to increase productivity when they work outside of the conventional office, however hours can become long as many fall victim to at home distractions.

To get the most out of your day create a solid plan, be intentional, and take control of your time.  

The end result:

You’ll end up happier and more productive. 

To help you meet the challenges head on here are a few tips that may help. 

  1. Create your schedule.  

If you are able to stick to a regular office schedule that’s great!  However, if you are a part of the majority you may be finding yourself juggling kids and other commitments that can occupy your mind and make the transition into work mode difficult. 

Remote work allows freedom and flexibility to work whenever you want, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need an individualized schedule for yourself.  

Discipline is a good thing, and you can build your own by setting the hours you solely devote to work. Creating and sticking to a schedule will help alleviate decision fatigue and avoid procrastination.

  1. Declutter your space.  

No matter where your workspace is, be sure to update and adapt it to be useful and free of clutter.  

Too many items in your work space can pull your attention and make you feel overwhelmed.  

Start and end your work day by prepping your area to set yourself up for success.  

Organize your necessities and have what you need within reach.  Don’t forget  that this also applies to your digital desk!  

Make  folders, organize apps and clean out your browser.  

  1. Find a quiet work space. 

Having a schedule and space is only part of the battle to overcome distractions.  What can you do about all those outside (or internal) nuisances?  

Headphones are essential to working from home. They help cancel out noise, provide much need calming music and improve sound connections when joining online meetings. 

  1. Take breaks.

You can’t expect to work five to six hours straight and deliver your best work.  

Our body, and especially our brain, needs a break.  If you control when you take a break guess what, that doesn’t count as a distraction!  

Find what works for you and make it work in your day.  

Set a timer for three to five minutes every couple of hours and stretch, change the laundry, eat a snack or make another cup of coffee, whatever you choose give your brain a break and when the timer rings get back to work.

WIth some planning and forethought you will be able to give your best work and achieve your goals all from the comfort of your own home!

Written By: Morgan Henry 

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