5 Tips for Effectively Leading a Remote Team

5 Tips for Effectively Leading a Remote Team


Morgan Henry

5 Tips for Effectively Leading a Remote Team

2021 is here and one thing that will remain the same for the foreseeable future is remote work.

Leaders began supervising at a remote capacity last year and many have been challenged with how to  do so effectively. 

To help ease the learning curve here are a few tips to help you lead your remote team efficiently and effectively while maintaining a strong workplace morale. 

1. Check in daily.  Physically seeing your team members one on one, even through a screen, gives you connection. Phones, texts and emails only go so far.  Make it part of your schedule and allow this time to give and receive feedback.

2. Set clear expectations.   Making your guidelines clear from the beginning so every employee knows what to expect.  How do you want your employees to work, what quality are you expecting and when do they need to be available and online. While the guidelines are there, keep in mind that remote teams often have higher productivity levels when they are offered flexibility. 

3. Have the right technology.  Plan ahead and do research on what your team will need to be able to succeed.  Equipping every member of your team with the appropriate tools they will need to do their job from home is essential.

4. Trust your team.  Your employees are adults and although it may be difficult, resist the urge to micromanage every aspect.  Remember that you chose a solid team and that with direction they will continue to work at a high level.

5. Be yourself.  While you may be the business leader, you are a person first.  Keep in touch with your team and check on their well being.  A human-centric leadership is imperative to success.

The current environment that many are working in is very different from going into an office and working a 9-5.  Remember that team members may be juggling life along with their work life. 

Allowing your team the flexibility to get work done on a schedule that helps them be the most productive is beneficial for the entire team in the long run.

We hope these tips help you to continue to lead your Team to success!

Written By: Morgan Henry  

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