6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Personal Development Skills

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Personal Development Skills


Morgan Henry

Within us all is the desire to become the best version of ourselves to reach our highest potential.  

Self growth means taking the time to learn and apply something new in your life and learning is an essential part of life.

Personal development/self improvement is important at any age and is a lifelong process. 

Through education, self-help, advice from a mentor and many more the ability to grow will never cease.

To begin the process, assess your life goals and values and build up your skills and desirable qualities to reach full potential. 

Honing personal development skills will allow you to naturally apply them in your daily routine and use them to better yourself, find fulfillment, improve your strengths, advance your career and achieve your goals.

  1.  Get started:  Don’t allow fear to hold you back from growth. In setting your goals, acknowledge your weaknesses and seek opportunities to improve them.  Take the initiative to do something about your personal growth and make a plan today.  It is a journey and there will be no final end point so start building today for your future.
  2. Learn: From reading to signing up for a new class or simply actively listening to others and learning from their mistakes, the ability to learn something new is always available. The opportunities are endless and can be as simple as reading a book a month, signing up for webinars, taking a class for new software or even asking others for their feedback.  We learn in so many different ways and they are all important.
  3. Network: Interacting with many types of people is not just beneficial socially to communicate and work with all personalities, but can also bring new ideas and inspiration.  Observe those around you, whether a supervisor, friend, public figure or complete stranger.  Meeting new people allows you to develop relationships that might help you in the future. 
  1. Challenge yourself: Making that leap may not be easy, but proving to yourself that you have the capacity to complete the challenge is so rewarding. Steer away from the comfortable, you may find it easier to break old habits than you’d thought, and you may become more ambitious and confident. You decide your own goals and know your passions so be intentional and reach high.
  2. Never give up:  Of course there will be disappointment, it’s part of life, but it’s also part of growth. If you take failure and grow from it life will not be a repetitive cycle but instead will have a rhythm to it.  Ups and downs will come but don’t give up, keep going to reach your goals.  Keep in mind that the choices you make determine your life but also affect others.  Listen actively, be understanding and accepting of difference viewpoints. Once you find that rhythm in your life use that flow to continue learning, changing and renewing throughout your life.
  3. Take me time: Time to decompress is essential and can differ from person to person.  Meditation can help with clarity as well as to reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping a journal to write in as needed will help you reflect on the week or even a particular day. A run or walk to find peace and focus.  Find what works for you to decompress and reflect.

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” -Oprah Winfrey

Personal development has no end point.  

The ultimate goal is LIFE LONG learning. 

Written By: Morgan Henry

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