A Decade of Consistency

A Decade of Consistency


Morgan Henry

As we approach a decade of our company’s existence we have reflected on what has made it possible.

Since inception a factor that has led to iDEAL’s success (among grit, and determination) is consistency.

iDEAL was started during the recession and without a good amount of consistency it would not have survived.

Being consistent is one of the most vital and surefire ways to continually grow a successful business, however it is also something that is often overlooked. 

It is inefficient to hit a personal record one day and then let your performance slip for the rest of the week.

Consistency is what allows you as an individual and your company to grow! It is the underlying secret and strategy to the day-to-day operations. 

So we ask, are you consistent?

If you need some help in this area here are some tips to help you build and improve your consistency:

  • Be regularly systematic
  • Form habits, as these can make various jobs and tasks easier
  • Follow a plan and create a routine schedule 
  • Provide unbiased professional service to everyone you serve. 

Keep up consistency and reliability for iDEAL success.

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