All staffing agencies are NOT created equal


Morgan Henry

We’ve said it before, staff is your company’s most valuable appreciating asset.

If this is true, can you afford mediocrity?

Job market trends forecast no slowing down in the employment world and it continues to be a candidates job market.

Fear not, staffing agencies to the rescue!

Staffing agencies have stepped in to help alleviate some of the brick walls in finding quality employees.  

In fact, research shows that staffing agencies are one of the “top five external talent resources for U.S. companies and year over year, the industry continues to thrive and grow”.

As a staffing agency we are happy to hear more companies are fielding their needs to the experts. But we realize the high demand can lead people the wrong agencies in a moment of a despair.

Before you partner with a staffing agency we recommend you answer 5 questions to ensure you pair with your iDEAL fit.

  1. What is the success rate of the recruitment team?

Strong recruitment teams have large networks and use a variety of programs and resources to find quality candidates. Too many agencies rely on job board. Strong staffing agencies have successful referral programs that build on successful candidate experiences and harness the power of social media and mobile recruiting to attract candidates. Agencies with limited recruiting reach are less likely to have candidates when you need them. Powerful recruitment reach gives you access to talent that you can’t find on your own.

  1. What is the recruitment agency area of expertise?

There are staffing agencies for every profession on the planet. Make sure your agency really does what they say they do…and make sure they do it well.

  1. How well does the agency screen and assess candidates?

Some agencies don’t even talk to the candidate first – at all! YIKES! This is not quality recruiting.  Staffing agencies should carefully screen every candidate, not only to assess skills, knowledge, and abilities; many clients need assurance about immigration status/employment eligibility, criminal backgrounds, licensure, and employment/education verification.

  1. Does the agency invest time to truly understand your company and your needs?

Staffing success flows from making perfect matches. Perfect matches flow from a deep understanding of both the client AND the candidate. How well is the agency trying to understand you? Did they come out to meet with you in person? What questions did they ask you? Do they understand what you’re trying to achieve with the talent you need? Do they “get” you?

  1. Can the agency back up their claims about worker quality?

Check out their client testimonials and company reviews. Ask for statistics, how many of their placed candidates stay placed and are confirmed “good hires”.

Real talk – in the current job market to be paired with high quality staff you’ll need a high caliber staffing agency.

Don’t take a chance with your companies most valuable asset and invest in getting the best!

credits to Lana Johnson for content

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