Are you a Procrastinator?


Morgan Henry

Are you a procrastinator?

It happens to all of us at some point.

Life is a continuous balancing act.

Procrastination is not innately a bad thing – some evidence has shown delaying  choosing a course of action until the last minute might lead to better decisions.

However it is clear that chronic procrastination can cause all sorts of problems.

Procrastination is generally a result of poor time management, however poor emotion regulation plays a large role as well.  

Ask your some of these questions:

  • WHY am I feeling this way?
  • Am I afraid of something?
  • Do I have trust in myself to succeed?
  • Am I missing useful resources?
  • Am I unclear why I am doing this?

These can be uncomfortable emotions and often what prevents us from moving forward.

Instead of only feeling guilty for putting things off, be curious about the WHY.

Why are you doing it and exactly what it is that’s holding you back.

Pinpoint the emotion and it will help you remove the block.

If needed, find ways to help yourself:

  • TIme Management Course
  • Breaking a large task into smaller pieces
  • Use reminders: Phone, tablet, calendar, planner
  • Find a motivational buddy to motivate you

Figure out what is holding you back and implement necessary changes.

Don’t let fear get in your way of achieving your goals! 

So the question is, which excuse are you giving yourself?

Written By: Morgan Henry

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