Back to (Virtual) School - Working from Home with Kids

Back to (Virtual) School – Working from Home with Kids


Morgan Henry

We certainly hoped we would not still be talking about CoronaVirus at this point of the year, but alas here we are.

The impact left by the virus is certain to be on our minds for time to come.

Thousands of schools have closed their doors due to COVID-19 and as summer comes to an end and children return to school working parents are walking into the idea of virtual school with amplified anxiety. 

Many of us had a taste of working from home with kids at the end of March.

 For some of us it worked well, for some of us not so much. 

Working from home has its benefits no doubt but how can we manage a heavy workload and be a part of our child’s educational instruction?

Honest answer – there is no easy solution. It will require flexibility and improved time management skills on our part. 

Most working parents have time management challenges. 

Most of us have systems that we rely on to manage our family and work responsibilities.  With many of those systems taken from us we need to recreate a system that will work for us. 

In order to survive the upcoming school season you will need to create a schedule!

Without a schedule managing all the to-do’s will not work long term. Lack of schedules will lead to low productivity and a high stress home. 

Get creative with your work times. 

Wake up early, we are talking before the rooster crows. Get as much work done as possible before your kids are up needing support. 

From here you will need to continue to create your schedule based on the times your children are required to be logged on for virtual school. 

It wont look like your standard work day but it can, no WILL work. With almost 4 hours of work completed early in the morning you have 4-5 hours to fiex in to  your work day

We realize jobs have expectations. Keep those in mind.  Talk with your managers, tap into your support system and stay FLEXIBLE. 

Now is not the time for rigidity. . 

Get everyone in your home used to your new system and this COVID life will be that much easier to endure. 

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