Be the Manager Everyone Wants to Work for

Be the Manager Everyone Wants to Work for


Morgan Henry

You got the promotion

Now how do you become the manager everyone wants to work for. 

According to a survey by CareerBuilder an average of 60% of new leaders receive no training or development when they transition to a leadership role.

Avoid this trap by adding these 3 strategies to your skill set to the rock star supervisor you know you can be.

1. Establish NEW boundaries and identify new relationship roles with with co workers that may now be subordinates.

Most new leaders will share their biggest obstacle is transitioning from peer to boss. Find a comfortable balance be kind but don’t forget you must display authority to effectively lead the team.

2. Adjust your mindset and perspective 

New leaders must have a different mindset, particularly around their motivation for learning and development. The most effective leaders are those that are driven to learn and develop because they enjoy learning

3. Delegate

It’s difficult for new leaders to let go of the work they love doing and that defined who they were. Build your role by entrusting your favorite job with a trustworthy employee. Delegating work, coaching, mentoring, and developing others will help to make your team successful.

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