Burnout in the Workplace - How to Combat it

Burnout in the Workplace – How to Combat it


Morgan Henry

Burnout can happen to anyone at any time.  

Leaving you exhausted, empty and unable to cope with the demands of life, burnout makes it difficult to function in daily life.

If you are experiencing burn out you may feel completely exhausted, begin to hate your job, and feel incapable of performing your job duties.

So the question is what steps can be taken to combat burnout.

First determine the cause.

A few common ones include:

  • Poor time management
  • Lack of family support
  • Work-life imbalance
  • Unclear job expectations
  • Unreasonable time pressure
  • Unmanageable workload
  • Unfair treatment
Once you have determined the cause, create a plan to improve your situation with your employer.  

It’s not a permanent issue, it’s reversible and needs to be addressed so changes can be made to your work environment.

It’s time to take a much needed break.  Have you taken a vacation or taken some time off?  

Being able to get away from the stress of work even for a few days is a great way to recharge your body and mind.

Take time to remind yourself why you love your job.  

Create a list of reasons you enjoy your job. 

Aspects you enjoy or things you have learned while working in your current position can help you be honest with yourself and determine if it’s possible you may need a career transition.  

Again – don’t forget to reach out to your supervisor.  

While a good leader will check in with you from time to time you may not always be open with them in the moment. 

It’s common for people to want to please others and continue taking on work that leads to increased stress.  

Your supervisor may be unaware they have been taking on too much.  

Having an open conversation and creating a plan to better manage your job expectations is a great way to work together and see a change.

Above all, remember it all goes back to taking care of yourself.  

To feel good at work, have energy and be productive you have to make self care (both mentally and physically) a priority.  

Healthy and balanced eating habits as well and some form of physical activity play a huge part in how your body runs and thrives. 

Be sure you are taking that time to care for yourself, and yes, this includes getting enough sleep each night.  

Job burnout is very real and can happen to anyone at any time.

Prioritize yourself and take control so you can make the best decisions for yourself.  

It won’t go away on its own, so get in the driver’s seat and create the change you need.

Written By: Morgan Henry  

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