Businesses Stay Strong to Company Values to Survive COVID-19

Businesses, Stay Strong to Company Values to Survive COVID-19


Morgan Henry

Companies are being challenged in ways we could have never imagined.

And it led us to wonder – 

How are businesses responding to the most stressful time our Country has ever seen?

Have your company values stayed strong during this time of uncertainty? 

What is your purpose? Your reason for existing? How do you serve?

A company should know this about themselves and not knowing is dangerous to the continuation of the company. 

We keep our mission and values at the core of all we do.  Verbally acknowledging those values daily helps to keep us true to our cause.

If your company has lost sight of its mission we are calling on you, on your leaders to steer the ship back in the direction of the original inspired mission.

Here’s why:

A mission is what drives and engages employees. Research indicates that high producing businesses are linked to “mission driven companies”.

Employees that love what they do have higher rates of productivity, promote the brand with inspiration and stay loyal to the company by remaining employed with them longer.

These companies are successfully able to cultivate a strong work culture, beat the competition and retain and attract high-performing talent.

Holding true to company values is what will get us through the storm and allow us to stay strong TOGETHER!

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