Celebrating Social Work Month


Morgan Henry

March is recognized as National Social Work Month.

This day of distinction brings light to the incredible impact that Social Workers have on our communities.

At iDEAL we are honored to have an outstanding clinician who has devoted more than 10 years of her life to helping others as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  

Diane Spell, our Director oF Employee Experience, is not only an essential component of our team, but a remarkable woman in general who is always available to support and encourage others.

Diane graduated from Florida International University with a Masters in Social Work and spent time working in a variety of settings since graduating in 2010.

For 4 years she split her time between her family, iDEAL and therapy services. 

Since 2021 we have been lucky enough to have her full time at iDEAL offering the same compassion and support to our iDEAL community.

We would not be iDEAL without her on the team.

Working in the field of human services can be challenging, but also very meaningful.  

As an advocate for others, social workers are tasked to help others to make society a better place.

The past few years social workers have been recognized as one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. 

While they are helping drive positive and significant changes in our nation, the profession can be quite challenging.

From acting as case managers, counselors and advocates, their role is vass; as their primary goal is to help others achieve a better quality of life.

Every day for a social worker is filled with helping others through life’s challenges. 

They collaborate with other disciplines to ensure that necessary interventions are appropriate for each individual.

Thank you to all Social Workers out there who are working every day to change for the better our families and communities.

Written By: Morgan Henry


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