Company Traditions and Community


Morgan Henry

Company Traditions and Community

You always want to be part of a team that works well together, but more importantly a team that feels more like a family.

At iDEAL we take pride in our community and hold true to our values and mission.

We found that centering our company around the community we serve is essential to our continued success. 

In most families there are traditions, however when it comes to a work environment it’s unfortunate that this doesn’t always hold true for companies.

Creating workplace traditions is just as important and at iDEAL we have worked hard to establish strong traditions, celebrations and routines.  

WIth 2 years of change we have had to adjust and modify many aspects, however we want to remain a strong team and be able to always celebrate together. 

Strong traditions will not only create an important legacy of our company, it is also key to a great company culture.

Here are some ideas that you could use:

  • An annual event, celebration, retreat, or outing.
  • Quarterly team building events.
  • Establish a weekly tradition. 
  • Monthly or quarterly recognition or rewards practice.
  • Create traditions for on-boarding new employees.
  • Establish a tradition for recognizing staff anniversaries.
  • Create traditions for recognizing employees’ birthdays and other personal milestones.
  • Do something special to commemorate your organization’s founding date anniversary.
  • Celebrate certain holidays together, such as an annual holiday party or Thanksgiving luncheon.

Regardless of the changes your company may have gone through in the past two years, do not let go of long standing company traditions.

They help facilitate the feeling of being connected and accepted by your peers which is important for personal growth and development.

Creating a community where you can have fun together as well as support and inspire one another builds a strong foundation that leads to more opportunities for success and growth.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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