COVID-19 Three Tips to Work From Home

COVID-19 : Three Tips to Work From Home


Morgan Henry

As the numbers continue to rise in the United States of COVID-19 corona virus cases, many employers are considering a mandatory work from home policy.

Unfortunately, not all companies and employees are prepared for this. 

Some of us may be facing challenges to mobilizing our work space.

Not to mention the difficulties that come with adapting to the new work from home setting.

If you are one of those companies that is having their first go at working from home we have a few tips to make the (temporary) transition a smooth one. 

1. Communicate regularly!

Lucky for us technology simplifies our ability to stay in touch. 

Continue to hold staff meetings using platforms like: Google Meets, Zoom, and Skype. 

Avoid the “out of sight out of mind mentality” and create a process to maintain fluid communication on the regular. 

Creating chat groups can help streamline communication and increase the feeling of being connected. 

2. Maintain your work schedule hours

Wake up as you would normally and get started as you would if you were heading into the office. 

You will want to set up a work space in your home as this helps to increase focus.Adapt to the space you have at home and maintain a schedule to keep your productivity flowing.  

3. Keep the hope alive! 

We realize the changes are difficult to adapt to in such a short period of time. Stay positive and remember this is only temporary. 

The more effort you put into communicating with colleagues, the better chance you have of avoiding feelings of isolation, frustration and work pile up. 

Keep at it, stay motivated and be patient we will all soon get back to our regular lives before you know it.

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