Do you Struggle With The Winter Blues?


Morgan Henry

The Winter Blues –

All the Holiday festivities have come and gone, the decorations are put away and the work week is back to full time.  

What do we do now?

Starting the new year most people are pumped up, have made their goals and have a vision for the year ahead.  

However, a few weeks in and many of us may start feeling sad, lethargic and unable to focus.

With shorter days and colder weather, a lot of us begin to experience the winter blues.

If you are there, remember, you are not alone.  

For most of us this is temporary and can be managed with simple lifestyle changes.

If you tend to have a harder time in the colder months here are some steps you can implement to beat those winter blues.

Limit your tv time!

The winter months leave our homes dark and we stay inside more because of the cold temperatures.  

Automatically we turn to the tv for entertainment to fill the void. 

Even listening to the news can become an endless cycle of depressing stories. 

Instead of mindless tv all day every day, read a book, try out new recipes, play a card game, get connected with an old hobby or try a new one!

Embrace the coziness.

Add some ambient lighting to your space, light a candle, enjoy your favorite music and snuggle up in that soft blanket with your warm fuzzy socks.

Choose and add small things that make you feel good.

Put those cozy slippers on, light the candle and listen to your favorite music!  

Create your own feelings of joy and coziness to brighten your mood.

Remember that the sun is still shining. 

Even in the cold it is important to go outside as much as possible.

Keep those curtains and blinds open to let the natural light in.  

Bundle up and take a walk around your neighborhood when you can.  

We still need as much vitamin D as possible, so be sure to incorporate quality foods into your diet to help balance your mood.

Some great sources include salmon, trout, egg yolks, mushrooms and cheese.

Stay active!

Whether it’s going on regular walks or starting a new workout program, exercise has been shown to boost mood, lower stress, and decrease symptoms of depression.  

Incorporating some form of physical activity into your day is a simple way to feel good, and even keep your immune system up. 

Rounding out your day with adequate sleep is just as important to keep your mood balanced.

Reach out and connect. 

Your support system is vital to fending off the winter blues, so call your friends and check in with your family.  

Talking on the phone, getting together for a meal, going for a walk, or even a video chat can lift your mood significantly.  

Socializing with others boosts our mood and strengthens  bonds, which is always needed!

Making small changes truly can help make those winter blues more manageable.  

Implement these 5 easy tips and find joy in the different aspects of your life in these colder months.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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