Employee Morale How to Keep Spirits up During Difficult Times

Employee Morale, How to Keep Spirits up During Difficult Times


Morgan Henry

A strong morale in the workplace is essential. 

The recent trials we are facing today makes this a need. 

No one can predict what else we will encounter in 2020 but this we know is true – employees in a positive workplace, (even virtual), have higher morale and experience increased motivation to succeed in their role.

So what can we do to keep morale up and strengthen the respect within your team?

Celebrate achievements 

Regardless of how small it may be your employees need confirmation that their work is valued and makes an impact. 

There is a human need for meaning, purpose and achievement. Recognizing these wins not only boosts morale and confidence but aids in increasing productivity too.  


Ambiguity tends to make people anxious and not sharing the status of your company can make employees assume the worst.  

If you are going through difficult times, dial up your communication.  Reminisce about challenges your company has overcome before and share how you came out stronger.  

Communicate the positive things that are in the works and encourage them to share their stories about going the extra mile, providing great service, or how they made a difference. 

Unexpected recognition

We all like to feel appreciated.  Even through trials and tribulations remember to find small ways to show employees that their efforts are seen and appreciated. 

Here are a few examples: Personally send an email praising the great work they have been doing. 

Recognize an employee in front of the team for their hard work or a team achievement.  End the work week a little early on Friday to congratulate them.  

Send a small gift card or free drink coupon to an employee who has been excelling lately.  Bring a treat into the office or send goodies if they are remote. 

When a bigger recognition is necessary think outside the box.  Are they trying to pursue an interest?  Maybe send them to a class to help them with their skill.  Love going to the gym?  Buy a month of membership.  Whatever it might be, know that it doesn’t always have to be financial or bonus-driven for employees to feel appreciated and recognized for their work.

Work with schedules

When possible being flexible with employees’ work schedules can be a huge relief and morale booster.  

We rely on our employees and want their best efforts so allowing them to control their work environment can be very motivating.

With so many people working remotely a shift in family dynamics has occurred. While your business may have set operating hours allowing employees to discuss flexibility in their schedules may alleviate some of their stress.  

Help your employees believe in themself

The belief that we are effective is a large part of how a person handles difficult situations without becoming overwhelmed.  

Developing self-efficacy takes strength and you only grow stronger by overcoming challenges.  Provide resources and training so the employees can do their jobs well. 

Assign goals and assignments that challenge them. 

Allow opportunities for them to lead.  

Giving employees the chance to be autonomous will ultimately strengthen them , the team and ultimately the company.

Leading during difficult times takes vulnerability but allows for a lot of growth as well.  

Talking with your team, listening attentively, making work fun and focusing on what’s important will greatly benefit your company. 

Incorporate some of these tips to motivate employees and create a more enjoyable workplace.  

People are important, take care of them and they will take care of you.  

In the end your company will overcome and be stronger than ever.

Written by: Morgan Henry

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