Employee Vacations are Good for Business

Employee Vacations are Good for Business


Morgan Henry

Fact – R& R helps to increase an individual’s overall productivity. 

Who doesn’t like to take a break to rest, and regroup. 

Taking time off is necessary to avoid burnout and achieve that healthy work life balance. 

So why is a recent trend showing that people are leaving vacation days on the table? 

Say what? 

Sound like insanity, we think so too!

But here are a few reasons (according to Glassdoor) why vacation days are going unused. 

  • Their workload is too great, no one else at their company can do the work and they fear they will fall behind.
  • They worry they will miss out on participating in an important project, decision or meeting.
  • They feel badly about leaving the office for too long because they think their team might feel lost or overwhelmed.
  • Many said they either aren’t sure or don’t think their company wants them to use all the vacation time they earn. Employees who worried that taking vacation would make them appear less dedicated or replaceable were dramatically less likely to use all their vacation time (61 percent left vacation time unused, compared with 52 percent who didn’t worry about this). 

So how do you encourage and motivate yourself and staff to take some much needed R & R?

The answer is simple. 

Make sure you take care of business before you take a break from it! 

  • Plan vacations at least 6o days in advance. The more notice the better. Let your supervisor you will be off the grid, and let them know you’ll come back better than ever!
  • Before you head out work a few extra hours to decrease the pile of work – trust us you will be grateful when you return. 
  • Ask co workers to cover as many as your tasks as possible while your out. 
  • Share any concerns about getting work done with your supervisor when you get back. 

 Plan ahead, ask for help, delegate & take that vacation!

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