Find Your iDEAL Workplace Culture

Find Your iDEAL Workplace Culture


Morgan Henry

When was the last time you put any thought into the amount of time you spend at your workplace?

The average person works at least 40 hours a week.

That means nearly 2,100 hours are spent at work every year!

Cumulatively we are spending more than half our waking hours in our work environment. 

With so much of our life being dedicated to what we do, it’s important that our values align with those of the work place we chose. 

Workplace culture is a highly under-addressed aspect of job satisfaction. 

In fact most people attribute burnout and work-related stress when analyzing negative work experiences.

However, an organization’s culture should be the first thing looked at.

Regardless of the organization, finding a company to work for that has a value structure that aligns is KEY.

Steer clear of toxic workplaces whose values, or lack thereof, lead to issues with productivity and mental health. 

It’s clear the workplace culture is important for optimal functioning of your business.

But how exactly does it benefit employees?  

A healthy workplace will make those stressful days or weeks tolerable.  

Every job can be demanding, but to combat the stress you have to have help and support from your team.

Productivity will come naturally when employees know the company’s goals are rooted in strong values, led my strong leader.

That strong foundation of leadership means high engagement and leads to persistent job efficiency.

At some point in your career you have likely been pit against one another in a competition to produce better results.  

While not always a bad thing it can also be a slippery slope. 

Within your team you have to build positive social connections to yield the best results.

Keeping all this in mind should be an essential part of your job search! 

If you are seeking a new position;

Or your company would like to address concerns with hiring or retention;

Then reach out to us as iDEAL Personnel Services!  

We are here to help with your staffing needs and optimize your time! 

Written By: Morgan Henry

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