Furloughed vs Laid Off What you Need to Know

Furloughed vs Laid Off, What you Need to Know


Morgan Henry

The Coronavirus has triggered a surge in layoffs.

As the country prepares to fight the current crisis nonessential workers have been asked to stay home.

This has led to a record number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits.

In lieu of layoffs, many companies will choose to furlough employees.

But what does a furlough mean, exactly — and how is it different from being laid off?

A furlough is an employer-mandated, temporary, unpaid leave from work.

It is an option an employer can take as a cost-saving measure while continuing to offer health insurance benefits to the employee. 

Furloughs can reduce labor costs without adding new costs such as severance packages and outplacement services.

If you find yourself needing to Furlough or layoff staff let us know. We are ready to help now and after the crisis ends!

We have temporary employees ready to join you and are equipped to restaff your entire team.

Our country needs to come together now more than ever, TOGETHER there is nothing we can beat.

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