Hiring during COVID-19 the new reality

Hiring during COVID-19, the new reality


Morgan Henry

No one can deny the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how organizations attract talent. 

Many businesses have been forced to work remotely and this has only added in another hurdle when hiring talent.  

Online job postings can often receive hundreds to thousands of applicants and the huge influx can overwhelm your internal system and make it difficult to disefer and find the diamond in the rough.  

The first step to finding your perfect employee match is to be prepared and know what to do next within this new world of hiring.  

Understanding what has changed and what continues to be best practices when onboarding new staff will get you closer to landing the iDEAL Employee. 

Here are a few new notable changes:


In person interviews are almost a thing of the past and virtual interviews have taken its place.

Interviewing this way has proven to be more efficient and allows for a larger candidate pool to be considered. 

Be ready and have the tech necessary to help you when digital interviewing to facilitate a quick and easy connection. 


Networking has proven to be an effective option when it comes to job hunting in the past and it has only become more beneficial now.  

We have said it before and we will say it again because it still holds true even with the recent changes – internal referrals are the best referral source you can tap into. 

Social Media

A completed LinkedIn profile is essential in our new reality.  

The platform is used widely by recruiters and can help when expanding your connections as you search for the new addition to your team. 

Growing a business is all about being adaptive and agile and the circumstances of COVID-19 have made sure to test everyone’s ability to adapt.  

With creative thinking and the proper tools hiring managers can be sure to bring in the best talent for their company.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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