How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged!


Morgan Henry

Companies around the world have pivoted to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

And to a remarkable extent, many have continued to carry out much of their business operations.

There are several obvious positives to our current reality.

  1. We are saving time and money on commutes.
  2. We have increased ability to employ out of state individuals.
  3. There is increased flexibility of when and where an individual can complete their work.

However with the many benefits comes the big concern.

“How do you keep remote workers engaged?”

We are excited to share with you how we successfully keep our remote workers engaged.

  • Communicate and connect daily with employees working remotely. Use of group chats and messaging symptoms allow for easy and quick communication to occur. We also make it a point to video chat once a day with our remote family. Face to face contact helps to keep everyone connected.
  • Facilitate attendance to team meetings, team building, and any other team related activity by upgrading web cam capabilities to the employees work computer. Increasing connection and interactions with other in office staff members will keep the remote worker engaged in what’s happening “in the office”.
  • Set daily expectations, goals and metrics to create a culture of accountability. If they know what they have to accomplish every day it helps keep them focused and working towards their end goal.

Above all make sure all of your employees feel appreciated and connected!

Retaining quality employees requires all staff (remote and internal workers alike) to be passionate and fully integrated into the company culture.

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