How to Stay in love with your Dream Job

How to Stay “in love” with your Dream Job


Morgan Henry

For many of us when we land a job in the field of our choice, you know – the “Dream Job”, motivation is at an all-time high.

Unfortunately this level of excitement can be short-lived.

Once the “honeymoon” phase ends you might find yourself longing for a new position.

But jumping from job to job seeking that same feeling you experienced when you first entered your field can do significant damage to your resume.

The truth is most of us have been there. 

Longing for the love we once had for our job. Often times finding ourselves “cheating” and browsing job search engines. 

But with all the hard work that it took you to get here why let the relationship go down the crapper?

So how do you maintain the “romance” between you and your job?

Here are 3 tips we have found that may help keep you motivated:

1.       Invest in yourself. Stay up to date in your field by regularly looking for continuing education opportunities. If your company does not provide resources for this sort of thing set a goal, save money and take a course or short class to reinvigorate the once held passion.

2.       Develop a network. This should include people that work outside of your company. Connecting with people that have similar responsibilities and experiences increases the opportunity for peer support and avoids venting from appearing like gossiping because you work for different companies.

3.       Maintain a healthy work life balance.  This concept has been repeated so much over the years that it almost sounds cliché. But here’s the thing. If you lack balance between work and your personal life you can almost guarantee burn out. If you love your career you need to protect the relationship by maintaining balance.

Remember that all relationships require maintenance and time to keep them strong. 

Invest in your relationship with your job and increase the chances that you’ll stay “in love” with what you do.

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