iDEAL Traditions

iDEAL Traditions


Morgan Henry

Most families hold traditions.

It’s unfortunate that this does not hold true for many companies.

Businesses will often fail to recognize the significance of traditions in the workplace.

This is unfortunate as office traditions are just as important in the work place as they are to our families.

At iDEAL we have worked hard to establish strong traditions, celebrations and routines.

During the week we celebrate our successes by hitting a gong. 

The sound of that bell indicates that a client has been matched to an iDEAL employee,or a candidate has landed their dream job.

When we ring the bell we know we have helped to change a few lives for the better and everyone in the office stops for a few moments to celebrate each others victories.

There is no sweeter sound. 

Together we have found that traditions are one of our most important legacies of our company.

We celebrate Holidays, hitting quarterly goals and once a week we host an in office coffee or ice cream get together to promote employee togetherness.

We have found that office traditions are the key to a great company culture.

If your company is lacking office traditions we highly recommend creating and establishing a few customs your team can hold onto. 

Weather it’s wearing Holiday pajamas to your Thanksgiving party or celebrating with a small gift to one another it is important to create meaningful traditions in your workplace.

Here are some ideas that you could use:

  • Host an annual all staff event or celebration, such as a company banquet, retreat, or outing.
  • Celebrate certain holidays together, such as an annual holiday party or Thanksgiving luncheon.
  • Bring employees together for quarterly team-building.
  • Establish a tradition that connects your organization’s mission to a bigger purpose.
  • Develop a monthly or quarterly recognition and rewards practice.
  • Create traditions for on-boarding new employees.
  • Establish a tradition for recognizing staff anniversaries.
  • Create traditions for recognizing employees’ birthdays and other personal milestones.
  • Do something special to commemorate your organization’s founding date anniversary.
  • Establish a weekly tradition 

At times, we may be tempted to let go of our long-standing company traditions to save money, reduce time, and/or just change things for the sake of change and doing something new and different. 

But, if possible, resist dropping your tried and true workplace traditions, hold on tight and keep office traditions close to your heart as you do with your family traditions at home.

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