Is Today’s Workforce Completely Technology Driven?


Morgan Henry

Technology is integrated into pretty much every aspect of our lives. 

 It is constantly evolving and has become an essential part of being successful in your business.

The tricky part is not the technology itself, but the challenge of remaining up to date while keeping your platform current, knowledgeable, and consistently being strategic.  

New ideas are needed constantly and must come from all levels of the company. 

Whether you are CEO, director, analyst, or assistant, it takes input from every level to remain relevant.

Staffing agencies may appear to simply be about finding the right candidates to fulfill the needs of the client.  

However, in today’s society, it’s increasingly evident that agencies must work to digitally transform every step of their hiring process. 

The remote workforce is growing, as are hybrid work conditions.  

There are numerous jobs that will always remain in person only, but caution is being emphasized in the process leading to hiring in even those job opportunities.

Technology can help enable a flow of ideas and keep information flowing consistently.  It’s become an essential part of being modern, as well as safety conscious in today’s workforce.

As generations age, we want to document fundamental knowledge, this requires us to seek technology to help us capture their knowledge.  

Everything moves at a rapid speed and with an alarming amount of information. 

 Everywhere you look people are consumed with enhancing productivity while cutting costs and exceeding expectations.

How can we achieve all of this?

Sometimes we can’t, but we can take advantage of advancing technology supplied to us and implement it into our processes.

Those searching for jobs today seek a mobile experience. 

We want to find what we are looking for just beyond the tips of our fingers.  

Gone are the days of walking around to various businesses and asking to fill out an application, today is all about a quick, user-friendly, and personalized experience.

While candidates want a fast job search experience it’s important to remember that everyone deserves personalized communication and overall experience.

The use of technology transfers into hiring and onboarding as well.  

Platforms have grown and adapted to a single database to track the applicant throughout their process versus constantly moving back and forth being different databases.  Having everything under one umbrella streamlines the service.

Job opportunities are open across the globe, so having a digital onboarding system in place is essential.  

Gathering all the necessary information and signed documents is a drastically faster process with tasks being completed electronically.

Finding and implementing software that meshes with your company will instantly increase your productivity and accuracy every day.

Once your candidates have efficiently made it through the onboarding process it’s important that your staffing agency keeps contact open and checks in. 

Keep the individuals’ experience personal and note what communication channel they prefer.  It keeps them from being annoyed while also keeping that communication organized into one area.

I challenge you to think of an aspect of staffing that does not involve some form of technology.  

Automating job posts to target location and skills, sourcing which candidates have the best ratings, team members viewing and editing candidates and their own information as needed, sending an email versus calling and leaving a message, and even eliminating a timesheet.

Remaining up to date with technology is one of the easiest ways to remain efficient and eliminate menial tasks.  

Our world is indeed tech-driven and what is needed to put your best foot forward.

To remain competitive, EMBRACE the digital transformation of the world.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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