Is your Team Inspired

Is your Team Inspired


Morgan Henry

Inspiration is best defined as: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

It goes without saying that inspiration in the workplace is a desired quality.

So we find ourselves asking what does it take to achieve this level of inspiration in the workplace?

Drum roll….

Inspirational leaders!

Inspired employees are most often led by inspirational leaders.

What this means is you, the leader;  must believe in the your company, team, & mission for others to join alongside you with vigor, motivation, and desire for growth.  

Before you can start to work towards increasing the level of inspiration within your workplace you first need to identify where you and your team stand within the inspirational ladder.

The brilliant Craig Groeschel has shared a recipe that we ourselves have tested and found to be successful to help identify the stage of inspiration that you (and staff) may be in.

  1. Satisfaction: They have the tools and freedom to perform and are recognized and
    compensated fairly.
  2. Engagement: They’re part of a team, they have the ability to grow, they’re making a difference or doing something they believe is valuable.
  3. Inspiration: They’re drawing deep and lasting meaning from their work and performing with purpose and passion.  – (Stages identified by Craig Groeshel)

Remember always: “To truly inspire your team, you have to live an inspired life.” !

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