Job Interview Ghosting

Job Interview “Ghosting”


Morgan Henry

Have we mentioned that unemployment rates are lower than they have been in decades?

Just kidding! We know we have.

Shifts in the job market have given way to changes in the hiring world and we are all feeling the impact.

Many of our first time clients have shared the seemingly impossible task that it is to find quality employees that will stay on board long term; or simply show up for an initial interview.

Turns out they are not alone. Companies are reporting a growing number of job applicants are “ghosting” their jobs.  Blowing off scheduled job interviews, accepting offers but not showing up the first day and even vanishing from existing positions – all without giving notice.

What the heck is going on?

Here is a piece of the puzzle:

  1. We have a greater supply of jobs than available applicants.
  1. Job candidates have a plethora of options and they are taking them!
  2. The majority of those applicants are Millennial’s. A group that is known for seeking new opportunities every 1.5 years.

This may seem like an impossible situation.

But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some potholes to avoid.

  1. Explore your hiring process and search for any hiring process breakdowns.
  2. Increase your knowledge on the Millennial mindset and improve retention by creating a company culture that engages the generation.
  3. Connect with talent recruiters. Outsourcing reduces the risk of a “bad hire” which can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Avoid time lost with interview ghosting, first day no shows, and reduce the risk of turnover by investing in your company’s greatest asset, your employees! Fill positions with qualified staff from the start to reduce unnecessary and expensive turnover costs.

“We are all fishing from the same pond, people have choices now and have the opportunity to really explore different positions and roles and levels of compensation.” – Chandra Kill of KRESS Employment

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