Job Interviews Top 5 Questions to Ask

Job Interviews: Top 5 Questions to Ask


Morgan Henry

When selecting your next iDEAL employee the job interview stage is a significant determinant. 

At this point of the hiring process you are attempting to learn as much about the candidate as possible.

Ultimately the hope is to identify if the job candidate will fit into your workplace.

The job interview allows for the opportunity to ask the questions that will help you determine whether or not the candidate will be the best fit.

However, in order to gain this insight you need to be asking the right questions.  

Choosing the important questions allows you to learn more about the candidate.

Here are a few:

How would your past employers describe you and your contributions to their workplace?

This question allows the candidate to be open with how they view themselves while giving insight into  their past roles.  

Sharing how they impacted as well as what type of relationship they had with past employers can be very eye opening.  

Depending upon the response it will allow you to see if there is potential for a positive professional relationship with the candidate within your company.

In what work environment are you most productive?

Asking this question will help you judge if the candidate can work efficiently in your setting. 

Many work environments can be loud, busy and full of action while others are low key with only a few people around.

It’s also important to find out if the interviewee is able to maintain a schedule and work independently if the position can be done from home.

How would you describe your work style?

This simple question gives insight into work ethic.  

Discovering what characteristics the potential employee has allows you to relate that to what your ideal candidate will possess. 

When you post a job you detail the specific traits you have in mind.

With that you can determine if the candidate will suit the job role accordingly based on their response.

What skills are you proudest to have?

Straightforward and to the point this question can give you a thorough understanding of who your candidate is as a person and worker.

You want them to respond selectively and thoughtfully, not long winded, highlighting their strengths.

The interviewee had the chance to stand out and impress you while you make notes and compare to what your ideal candidate is. 

What skill would you like to develop or strengthen?

The wording here goes beyond the common “what is your weakness” question.

Here you are asking for a more specific answer and want the candidate to elaborate on how they plan to grow.

This requires thoughtfulness and will show you what type of attitude they show towards growth and how that may fit into them as an employee.

The interview process is stressful from both sides and overall a challenging decision.

Being thorough while using direct questions will allow you to select the most reliable candidate.

Use these questions to filter the potential candidates, choose the iDEAL candidate and improve turnover.

Written By: Morgan Henry  

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