Keeping a Positive Work Mentality

Keeping a Positive Work Mentality


Morgan Henry

“Don’t tell me how talented you are, tell me how hard you work.” – Arthur Rubenstein

So many times we hear others (or ourself) say that we will do our best work once we get the raise or promotion they are waiting for.  Wait, isn’t that backwards thinking?

The thoughts that you will only give your best under the right circumstances is beyond dangerous and a set up for failure.  What if the ideal conditions never come?

Spoiler alert – they likely won’t !

It’s better to grow where you are currently grounded and seek opportunities to better yourself and reach goals.

For instance, being with a company that you are currently unhappy  with is not completely negative.  Use your current situation as motivation to get your career on track and make steps towards your dream job.

Regardless of what type of work you do change is a necessary part of your process.  To achieve personal growth and move forward things cannot stay the same. Always seek opportunities to enhance or learn new skills.

Self growth is also so important for all aspects of life.  Be on the lookout for life lessons and find the positive in situations you are going through or have made it through.  Resiliency is essential and failure will always hurt.  Get back into the growth mindset and use that failure as a data point.

The tendency to complain seems almost ingrained in our DNA, however, strive to avoid that and focus on ways to improve and change the situation.  Don’t develop a victim mentality, instead remind yourself that success demands hard work, growth from failure and expanding your knowledge to enhance your performance.

Keep in mind that dreams and goals differ.  Just as you shouldn’t rehash what you could have changed in the past, don’t dwell on what might happen in the future.  Instead set goals and be intentional.  Blossom and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  If you don’t take chances then you will never really see what is possible.

Make a vision board and set those goals so you can work toward your big picture.  Yes, things may change over the years and that’s a good thing!  Reevaluate your goals and adjust what you want to focus on whenever you need to.  When you feel frustrated, defeated or lost your goals will be the reminder that success doesn’t come easily, it takes time, effort and grit.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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