Land your iDEAL job

Land your iDEAL job


Morgan Henry

Standing out amongst the crowd can be a challenge. 

The job market is overwhelmed and highly competitive.  Keeping your patience while trying to land a job is a test of endurance.

Having the skills necessary to make it through the application process isn’t always enough. 

Here are some tips to help you stand out from the pile of other applicants.

  1. Everything today seems to be virtual which can take out the personal touch to things.  

So add a personal touch if you can.  Do you know anyone currently working for the company you are applying for? A friend or acquaintance that could put in a good word might help you get to the top of the interview list. 

If you don’t have a personal connection be sure to skip the generic “to whom it may concern” and instead do a little research to find the person you’d need to contact directly. Knowing you did your research to personally address your document shows you are dedicated and resourceful.

  1. Improving your resume is an easy way to stand out in a positive way.  Take time to comb through your resume and cover letter to adjust your wording and avoid any typos.

 It’s best practice to always address your cover letter directly to the company you are applying to, but be sure you are submitting each application and appropriately and changing as necessary for different jobs.  

You’d be surprised how many applications are immediately dismissed simply for being sloppy.  Make sure that your material is memorable and impactful.  Add in your achievements that show off your talents.  

Skip the general entry to a cover letter and consider a short captivating story instead. Subtle tweaks and adjustments can really help you stand out, without being over the top.

  1. Think beyond your cover letter and resume.  Never hesitate to do the extra mile and show some initiative. 

If you have it, send a link to your portfolio or blog.  Anything that could give the possible employer a look into you could be beneficial.  Consider taking it a step further and create a sample to send to the employer. 

Put together a social media strategy if you are applying for a marketing or media position.  Does the job description require data analytics? Share an awesome Excel sheet you created.  Whatever it might be, showing the extra effort and demonstrating your interest in the job will bring you to the top of the interview list.

  1. Be authentic during your job search.  Try to show your true essence, what you are good at, your passion, and professionalism.  Being authentic will help pave the way for a great work relationship and ensure that you will culturally be a good fit.
  2. Don’t forget to check your social media profile!  Hiring managers expect you to put your best foot forward, but it’s also likely they will look at your social media presence.  

Be sure there won’t be anything embarrassing found online, such as an extra fun night in college or a friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party!  Put the time in to clean up all social media platforms.  

  1. Follow up after submitting your application/resume.  There are usually lots of applicants to comb through and it can become overwhelming for those trying to hire.  

Generally if you have heard no response a week or two after then reach out and inquire about a deadline for their decision.  Craft a friendly message inquiring about the details as well as your excitement for the opportunity, and always thank them for their time.

  1. Learn about the company inside and out.  Gaining knowledge and understanding the employers brand, mission and values will allow you to show you can advocate for them.
  2. LinkedIn is also a great platform to make connections with current employees or to learn more about the employers brand.  If you are up to date on the companies status on social media it will show them you are already a fan.

Use your best judgement and don’t be afraid to put in the effort.  The job competition can be tough but sometimes adding a little extra effort is all it takes to get a chance.

Employers search for individuals who will be a good representative for their brand and mission, so display your enthusiasm!

Written By: Morgan Henry

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