Leaders in 2021 The Fairness Factor

Leaders in 2021, The Fairness Factor


Morgan Henry

Leaders have been faced with many challenges throughout the pandemic and if we have learned anything it is that more change is to come. 

Some of the most common challenges faced by leaders is the continutionation of enhanced safety protocols. 

This includes the continuation and perhaps permanent shift into remote work.

This drastic change created new boundaries and vulnerability between leaders and their team, it’s becoming increasingly important for leaders to take (and make) regular time for self reflection.  

To be a successful and effective leader you have to know how to be both thoughtful and diligent as you navigate moving forward with your team. 

Creating healthy, but flexible strategies is necessary for intentional growth.

To make that simpler: Leaders MUST BE FAIR.

That simple four letter work is much easier said than done.

Where do you think you fall on the line of being fair?

Ask yourself these questions for a quick assessment on where you land in the fairness scale: 

How impartial or honest are you in your dealings with peers, direct reports, leaders across the organization, and clients and customers?
What is the condition or quality of your work?
Are your efforts ample when measured against expectations, standards and desired outcomes?
Do you model and promote the best behavior for your team, your peers and the organization? 
Have you been intentional in developing not only intellect and knowledge but emotional intelligence? 
Do you show kindness in your work and make yourself relatable with as you lead?

These are all crucial and necessary questions to ask yourself.

Take the time to self reflect and remember the “fair” will not mean treating everyone the same.  

It means that you will ensure that everyone you interact with and influence has access to what they need.

Compare parenting with being a leader –

Each child is different and while we fundamentally require the same thing, each person responds differently and thrives in varying environments.

In the workplace some employees need hands-on training and more personal time with their manager, while others may demonstrate competency quicker by performing a task and learning as they go.

We are all individuals and we all have different personalities. 

Always keep that in mind with your employees.  

One employee may be outgoing, effervescent and be transparent and honest when they feel something isn’t right.  

A manager may need to engage personally with them to increase self awareness and guide to improving communication skills.

A fellow employee on the other hand could be more technical and detail oriented. 

Very important to a team but they also may be more introverted and humble. 

A fair leader knows that their experience and knowledge are necessary and will work to carefully draw them into conversations and get them involved in problem solving sessions.

Ensuring all of your team members are able to have healthy interactions will lead to a better, more efficient team. 

We are not all the same and each person’s experience, knowledge, confidence, skills and behaviors can benefit the team.

Become the best leader you can be. 

Be fair by prioritizing and ensuring that each and every member has access to what they need to be successful in their position.

Written By: Morgan Henry

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