Leading During Challenging Times

Leading During Challenging Times


Morgan Henry

How a leader reacts during adversity can become a defining moment in their career.

These events will result in greatness or mediocrity.  When times are tough it’s crucial to maintain positivity within the workplace.

Regardless of the circumstances,  being a great leader comes with its hurdles. 

So how can you be the best leader during challenging times?

 Lets go over a few values that are imperative during taxing times.

Stand proud

Circumstances won’t always be ideal, but believing in your organization, employees and the culture you created, is key. 

Be proud of what you represent and never doubt your identity.  Hold true to the vision and reiterate the company’s values so everyone stays on the same page.

Turn your fear into confidence and allow it to protect you from the difficult situations you encounter.

Take responsibility

Not everything works out as it was first envisioned.  

As the leader you will hold responsibility for the team.  Be strong enough to carry the weight of the struggles you are going through.  

The best interest of the organization comes before your own.  People pay attention to you, sometimes more than you know, and watch your reactions and the decisions you make.  While your focus is on the best interest of the company, remember that you can’t pour from an empty glass. 

Be aware of your own struggles and reach out for help if needed so you will be equipped to sustain your team.  You may not have all the answers, but be transparent.

Be empathetic

Demonstrating empathy fosters greater effort and commitment from your team. Both cognitive and emotional empathy is a critical component that allows you to support others through the trying times.

While we want to avoid asking too many questions, employees respond better and feel more connected when you check in on them.

Regardless of your distance be sure to stay in touch with your team members individually.  What can you do to help them accomplish their task or how can you help them navigate through other situations.

Keep learning

You don’t become a great leader, it’s an ongoing process that you grow into and continue building upon. 

You will never have it perfectly figured out, and that’s ok!  Learn from your past failures and successes.  Reach out to clients and team members for feedback or advice. 

Your attention to your team and willingness to be the best you can be will help you through even the most difficult situations.

The only thing that is consistent about business is that it is inconsistent.  Having the ability to navigate through the rough moments and stand tall in the successful times is a sign of a great leader!  The best leaders remain calm, exude confidence, and guide the way.  

Remain connected and keep your team unified so you can reinforce the common goals you strive to achieve. 

If you stumble, rise again, learn, and focus on what’s ahead; never give up!

Author: Morgan Henry

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