Make Your Company Culture Virtually Amazing

Make Your Company Culture “Virtually” Amazing!


Morgan Henry

Company culture is the heartbeat of an organization.

It is those shared values, attributes and characteristics that a team develop the most effective and efficient teams.

Every company wants to encourage its employees to put in the hard work. 

But it requires more than just positive mission and vision statements.

Company culture is more so the unwritten rules that will guide the behavior of an organization.

Intentional or not, culture is always growing and requires consistent maintenance to lead towards healthy behaviors. There is no end goal, only continued care and progress.

As we navigate through this pandemic how can we keep our company culture thriving when many of us are only interacting virtually?

The ultimately forced decision of all-remote workplaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this task trickier but not impossible. 

Here are some recommendations on how to keep your work culture growing and thriving!

  1. Don’t lose your personality! 

Make a joke, play a game together, have a dance party, etc. Bring those fun moments to your virtual meetings or send an email to coworkers that will brighten their day.Speaking of meetings, culture grows from strong leadership, and leaders should always lead by example and hop on a call early if they can. Encourage others to join in a few minutes early and engage in chit chat like you would in the office.  

  1. Keep your rapport growing! Working remotely changes dynamics, it’s inevitable. While some may thrive and be even more efficient, some may struggle; and that’s ok. 
  2. Try new approaches and ideas.  Encourage open communication between people about their work, feelings, and experiences. Virtual work can lead to isolation for some.  Reach out and offer support and check in frequently to help with adjustment.

Remember that we are all unique, creative and stand out in our own ways.  We don’t want to hide the qualities and personalities that make us who we are, we want to let them shine!

If everyone can bring there “virtual” best to those online meetings company culture will continue to develop, 

Written By: Morgan Henry

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