Manage your Anxiety About COVID-19 as you get back to Work

Manage your Anxiety About COVID-19 as you get back to Work


Morgan Henry

For a lot of us work stress is experienced regularly. 

You know it well, it involves a to do list that piles up and seems to have no end.

Anyone else miss this kind of stress?

We have entered a new world where work stress seems small compared to the anxiety plaguing the masses.

Concern about our well being as we walk back into the office is certain to be a feeling that will hang around for the foreseeable future. 

So what can you do to lessen your anxiety when returning to work is a must?

Here are some tips that may help you decrease that high level of stress related to COVID-19:

  • Healthy habits such as regular exercise, good nutrition and at least seven hours of sleep a night can give your immune system a boost. 
  • Ask your employer and managers to take measures to keep you safe. If there aren’t precautions in the workplace, speak up to protect yourself and your co-workers.
  • Practice mindfulness and self-care that calms your breathing and nerves; and creating a plan for you and your family to manage the transition.
  • Be sure to follow recommended safety precautions. These include washing hands frequently, keeping sanitizer and disinfecting wipes handy and cleaning surfaces often.
  • Wear a mask and don’t shake hands during meetings or when interacting with customers.
  • Avoid crowded conference rooms and keep your workspace at least 6 feet from your nearest co-worker.
  •  When possible, employers should allow employees to work from home or stagger in-office shifts.

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